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ATTENTION!!! GERMAPHOBE MOMS Of Messy Eaters, Table-Biters, Plate Dumpers, And Pouch Squeezers...

Limited-Time  OFFER! Are You Ready To Finally  Enjoy Dining Out Without Stress, Mess & Embarrassment


When You Purchase The Mom Hack Stack!

  •  Tidy Mat Disposable Placemats - 20, 40 or 60 count - Be Brave ($30 Value)
  •  Genius Parenting Hacks Guide - Restaurant Edition ($17 Value)
  •  Parenting Self-Care Checklist  ($10 Value)
  •  Restaurant Survival Kit Checklist  ($10 Value)
  •  Stress Management For Parents ($25 Value)
  •  Parenting In A Toddler's World ($25 Value)
  •  Understanding Childhood Nutrition ($25 Value)

Total Value: $142

But today, you're getting all of this...

As Low As $9.97!

Once You Have Children, You realize something....

Going Out To Eat With little People Is Hard...

Gone are the days of blissfully skipping out on kitchen duties and actually getting to enjoy a peaceful, delicious meal out. You have kids over. Welcome to your new life! Or so I thought!

From teething on the sides of tables to dumping plates on the ground. It really can be awful. 

I was a waitress through college. I remember the nasty, sanitizer buckets and dirty rags that were used to “clean” the restaurant tables with strong, commercial-grade cleaners.  I’ll just tell you that it’s not pretty and l’ll leave the rest up to your imagination. Yuck! SORRY!

GROSS, "Cleaned" 

With A Dirty Rag,

Restaurant Tables

The last thing I would ever want was for my baby to eat directly from the table and potentially come in contact with germs, strong chemicals and allergens (for my little guy with severe food allergies).

And giving them an actual bowl or plate feels like the equivalent of arming them with a grenade launcher... just waiting for the food to sail across the restaurant. The food goes to waste, parents are upset, and kids are still hungry. Not a good option. And neither is lugging around a bulky reusable, silicone placemat that you have to return dirty, to your diaper bag. 

Dumping Bowls

Tossing Plates

Squeezing Pouches

I figured there had to be a solution out there. But what could it be? Then, one day I saw a friend pull something out of her diaper bag and there it was! It wasn't exactly cute but it did seem like the perfect solution!

Thought I Found The 

Perfect Solution...


They are these nifty, sticky, plastic placemats that stick down to the table in front of little ones. Place the food directly on it and life is grand! Safe from the yuck plus NO Plates & NO Mess! Sounded Perfect...OR SO I THOUGHT!

But...Very Quickly, I Realized They

Didn't Work :(


babies pull them up as fast as they are stuck down because of poor adhesive. 

Now, their food is on the floor again, parents are upset again and kids are still hungry


Actual Customer Photo Of Placemats from the Top-Selling Brand at Target, WalMart & Amazon!


Ineffective PLUS Major Choking Hazard!!

Actual Customer Photo Of Placemats from the Top-Selling Brand at Target, WalMart & Amazon!


Ineffective PLUS Major Choking Hazard!!


I really wished that they worked the way I hoped they would... but they didn't. Far from it, actually!


Not only were they not cute, more importantly I wasn't happy with the performance which led to an even bigger mess. 


Being a parent is expensive enough. I don't mind purchasing things that improve our quality of life, but this was not that. Plus, I felt a little obnoxious taking them out at most restaurants. Into the trash they went! I didn't even want to give them away because of how frustrated I felt after using them.

There had to be a better way! This was a great idea

I saw the potential. It just needed a complete overhaul

So, in typical mom-mode, I became a creative problem-solver and got to work!

I asked myself, what it would take to get this product to work they way I envisioned it should!

I was on a mission to help other moms just like me! 

  • Safe: They had to be safe for little ones. After all, my own kids would be using them too!
  •   Effective: They HAD TO WORK! They HAD TO STAY STUCK!
  •   Easy: The application had to be fast and easy so anybody could do it, without adding stress.
  •  Cute: They had to be cute & gender neutral so parents could use them for all of their kids.
  • Clean: They should be simple prints with low key designs so it didn’t distract kids from their food.
  •  Convenient: They had to have portable and convenient packaging so they could be easily packed in a diaper bag.
  •  Durable: They had to be strong so they would not shred like other brands or get soggy like paper placemats
  •  Eco-Friendly: They had to be eco-friendly and biodegradable so they wouldn't be taxing on the environment.
  •  Neat: They had to make clean up a breeze.

Tidy Tyke Collection Was Born!

I immediately began nerding-out and researching more than I ever wanted to know about BPA free, biodegradable plastics, food-safe, non-toxic inks, and perfectly sticky adhesive.
We made our first batch and upon releasing them to a small sampling of moms, the feedback was good. Definitely much improved. But, some clever little ones were still managing to peel them up. 


I didn’t just want better, I NEEDED GREAT! I really wanted to help parents enjoy less stress when eating out . I needed them to really solve the problem.

Back to the drawing board. 

A few months later, we released the new and improved version, the one that we would eventually bring to market. 

The feedback was AMAZING! Yay! I did it! 

Thanks to Tidy Mats, gone are the days of being embarrassed as you toss the waitress an extra tip with a quick apology and quickly exit while hiding your face hoping nobody will recognize you.

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Cara Owens, Fouder

Hi, my name is Cara!

I'm mom to two amazing little guys and an entrepreneur problem solver at heart! I am happy to say that I perfected the disposable placemat and I'm so excited for you to get them into your diaper bag!

My problem solving skills always came in handy when I was a mental health psychotherapist and also when I started a health food store and juice bar from scratch. I have passion for helping people become their best and I have a unique, holistic approach to improving their lives. As a thank you for trying out my Tidy Mats, I want to gift you my entire Mom Hack Stack, for FREE :) There are books about parenting, nutrition and stress management along with a few nifty checklists to help you get and stay on top of your mom game. 

I do have business goals to sell our Tidy Mats and get them into the hands of parents everywhere because I see how much they really do help with stressful mealtimes. But, I also have a bigger purpose. And that’s to use my therapy and health skills to encourage and inspire moms like YOU to be the best parents they can be so we can all do our part in raising this next generation of world-changers. You are a HUGE piece of that puzzle and I’m happy to help.

Here Is What Actual Customers Are Saying!!!

Sarah W.

"Wow! Whomever invented this product is a genius. These disposable placemats are brilliant!! Every time we use these in a restaurant we get questions and comments on them. Mostly people are disappointed they didn't think to invent this item themselves!!! I bought the large pack and am still working my way thru them. I love that they instantly provide a sanitary surface for my toddler to eat off of! They are small enough to keep a few in the diaper bag at all times. I've used them in restaurants, on the airplanes and even at home if she's eating something extra messy. It's really a fantastic product and I will be purchasing these as baby shower gifts for other parents to enjoy! I'm sure restaurant staff appreciate these as much as we do!"

Danielle J. 

"This is my second time buying these after having a good experience the first time I ordered them. Having the extra sticky tape on all 4 sides helps keep little hands from getting under them and pulling them up. I like the simple design of these - it helps the things laying on them be more visible and not get lost in a busy background or pattern that are on many disposable mats. We have these in each car and a bag so that we are always prepared. Makes clean up after a meal out a breeze since I can just peel these up and toss them along with bits of food that were on them."

Meagan F. 

We are absolutely obsessed with this purchase. One of the smartest things I've ever bought for our baby. He is just starting to eat table food so we bring these to every restaurant that we go to and we can break him off a little piece of whatever we're eating and hand it to him on his Matt. You don't have to worry about dirty tables or him throwing plates around.

Wayne N.

"This is the second time I purchased these placemats; I will continue to buy these as long as my son needs them. They are far superior to any you can buy in a store (ie. Wal-Mart/Target). Their adhesive really holds it to the table. My son can pull those thinner plastic versions off the table since they lack really sticky edges. These placemats are also slightly thicker than the inexpensive disposable ones and don't tear so easily. I love these placemats for when we go out to restaurants. I only wish they could be sold in stores. They are a better product than their competition."

Amanda B. 

So much better than the cartoon ones someone had given me before, so I don't feel as cheesy laying them out at a decent restaurant. They are also much stickier as advertised. I actually had a hard time peeling off one side at the restaurant- which isn't a bad thing because they need to stay in place for baby! Cute design, better in person.

Sam E. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE these placemats! My son has food allergies and so making sure he has a safe place to eat when we are out is super important. This makes it very easy to have this area for him. They are easy to put on and take off and compact enough to carry in the diaper bag. I highly recommend these!

Chris S. 

Fast shipping. Exactly what I needed - something unusual and extremely useful for a baby shower gift. My friend had them at a restaurant and I ordered them as soon as I got home. Great deal too!

Product Reviews

Tidy Mats by Tidy Tyke Collection 

4.8 out of 5 stars (420 reviews)


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 What Would You Enjoy The Most About A Stress-Free Meal Out WITH Your Little One?

What if you could confidently savor a night off from kitchen duties or fully appreciate the convenience of a quick meal out? What about actually getting to celebrate a special occasion or just enjoy some tasty food once in a while? What if you could truly enjoy taking little ones into an actual restaurant. 

Imagine this. You call ahead to let the staff know that you will be arriving. You check out the online menu ahead of time so you know exactly what to order when you arrive. You set a place for your child and cover the germy table but also don't have to risk giving them a place.The meal goes smoothly, your bellies are full and your hearts are happy! 

It seriously can be this easy with a few mindset shifts, the right tools and being prepared!

Let me help you! You deserve to enjoy eating out again!

Whether running out for a convenient weekday meal out, 

savoring a tasty brunch or celebrating a special occasion, 

you can be confident in your new skills and tools when you take your child out to eat

100% Secure Order Form - Your Privacy is Protected

Introducing the Tidy Tyke collection...

mom hack stack!!!

Parents Are Amazing and I Know How Much We Can All Use A Little Extra Support. So, I've Added Tons of Extras... Just Because! :)

Tidy Mats by Tidy Tyke Collection - Be Brave Design, 60 Count

Whether you've never heard of disposable placemats before or you've tried other brands that failed miserably, I want you to know exactly what you can expect from your purchase. 

Tidy Mats are adorable, portable, convenient and extra sticky. They will solve many of the problems associated with going out to eat with little ones. You can skip the bowls and plate and avoid dirty restaurant tables altogether. They are super easy to use and make clean up a breeze. You've got to get them into your diaper bag ASAP!

Genius Parenting Hacks: Restaurant Edition

IMPORTANT! If you read nothing else that is included in your purchase, READ THIS ONE!! That's why I've emailed it to you and I'm also including it with your purchase.

Our Genius Parenting Hack Guides are super quick and easy reads because I know how busy parents are. Think of this as the ultimate cheatsheet of eating out mastery! I promise you that these tips will change your entire mindset and attitude towards eating out with your little ones. Here are the top five, super simple and easy-to-implement strategies that you can start using immediately so you can enjoy your next meal out!

Restaurant Survival Kit Checklist

The number one way to have a successful meal out is to be prepared and plan ahead. You MUST have a game plan going in. But, leaving the house can be a challenge. The juggling act of getting yourself ready and your little one ready while simultaneously trying to make sure you don't return to a house that looks like a bomb went off. No easy task!

This Restaurant Survival Kit Checklist does the thinking for you. Just place it somewhere handy and reference it to double-check yourself so you don't forget an essential item. We all know, that there is no perfect time to realize you forgot something crucial especially when out to eat. The perfect mom-brain cure so you always feel like you have it together!

Parenting Self-Care Checklist

As parents, we're givers. When our little one makes their grand debut, they need us for everything. Without a doubt, it's a privilege to be a parent. That doesn't mean, however, that it is easy. Yes, it's admirable to give of yourself but it's equally as important to make sure you fill back up. 

My training as a mental health psychotherapist taught to how to help people figure out their needs and help them develop a path to get there. There were some items that were pretty universal so I've included them in a Self-Care Checklist geared specifically towards parents! 

And, in addition to the Genius Parenting Hack Guide and Checklists, I'm also going to include some exclusive bonus ebooks you can't get anywhere else!

Extra Bonus Ebook #1

Stress Management for Parents: A manageable, quick, easy read to help you gain a better understanding of what stress actually is and how it impacts our lives. Being a parent can be stressful and even overwhelming during certain seasons and this book outlines creative strategies to help the reader develop an action plan to stay on top of the stress. Recognizing stressors in your life and facing them head on is the best way to cope. You will feel equipped and empowered after this quick read so you can begin implementing the strategies immediately and be on your way to a better managed, more joyful life!

Extra Bonus Ebook #2

Parenting In A Toddler's World: It's Their World, You're Just Living In It

Toddlers. The little people in our lives that bring unmeasurable joy and manage to test our patience to the limit. This book offers a supportive look into all that is toddler and the reinforcement you need to remind yourself that loving this little one, offering structure, correction and a safe place is all they really need. Your toddler will be demystified before your eyes and with a deeper understanding, you'll find your patience threshold widening. Your parenting style will become much calmer and joyful!

Extra Bonus Ebook #3

Understanding Childhood Nutrition - What To Feed Your Child When It Seems They Hardly Want To Eat At All

The confusing subject of the toddler's diet. We've all been there. How is my child even alive at this point...they eat next to nothing! It's a mystery to many but here is some useful clarification. Here's an in depth look at essential nutrients, strategies to get your child eating nutritious food and peace of mind that you're doing a great job and your child is going to be just fine. 

You only pay for the Tidy Mats but I've decided to sweeten the deal so you truly master the challenge of eating out with little people. The the Mom Hack Stack, you'll be completely prepared to have a wonderful time! Over $100 in free bonuses.

Have You Tried Disposable Placemats Yet? If so, your story probably sounds something like this. You used the freebie ones at Chick-fil-A or you saw somebody else using one at a restaurant and you loved the idea. So you grabbed some on your next trip to Target or threw them in your cart on your next Amazon order. If you were disappointed or just want to try a MUCH IMPROVED version, add Tidy Mats to your cart now!

Get these in your diaper bag so you can 

Get these in your diaper bag so you can Enjoy Your Very next Meal Out

enjoy your Very next meal out !

Our Tidy Mats Are Backed By Our Less-Stress, Less-Mess, Stay-Stuck Promise

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or 100% of Your Money Back

Go Ahead And Place Your Order...

Because Every Mom Deserves to 

Enjoy Eating Out Again!

Hey Mom!

I'm so excited that you found us and that you have the opportunity to take charge of your next meal out. The feeling of being on the top of your game when you set up your child's area is literally priceless. We can hardly eat a meal out where a mom doesn't come up to me and ask what the Tidy Mats are and where they can get some too. Using a Tidy Mat combined with using the tips in the included guide are sure to make all of the difference. We NEVER leave the house without them!

I can't wait to hear from you after your first meal out. I'm here to help and I'm just an email or text message away (I would say phone call too but who even does that anymore...especially with kids in the background haha)!

Remember, you're just one Tidy Mat away from a more enjoyable meal out...

-Cara Owens

Here’s A Recap Of


When You Purchase The Mom Hack Stack!

  •  Tidy Mat Disposable Placemats - 60 ct Be Brave ($30 Value)
  •  Genius Parenting Hacks - Restaurant Edition ($17 Value)
  •  Parenting Self-Care Checklist  ($10 Value)
  •  Restaurant Survival Kit Checklist  ($10 Value)
  •  Stress Management For Parents ($25 Value)
  •  Parenting In A Toddler's World ($25 Value)
  •  Understanding Childhood Nutrition ($25 Value)

Total Value: $142

But today, you're getting all of this...

As Low As $9.97!

  • GENIUS: Place food directly on the mat for a mess-free meal and quick clean up!
  •  EASY: Simply peel and stick in place on the table in front of your child! 
  • Nothing to Lose: 100% Money Back GUARANTEE. Backed by our Less-Stress, Less-Mess, Stay-Stuck Promise! 

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