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Tidy Tyke Collection

Adorable EXTRA STICKY Disposable Placemats for Babies and Toddlers - Tidy Tyke Collection -3 Packs of 20 mats

$ 19.99 $ 29.97
  • ✮ STICK-ON DISPOSABLE PLACEMATS make going out to eat a breeze and now you can do it in style!
    Our 12"x18" placemats provide a protective barrier between your child and lurking germs found on a myriad of dining surfaces while eating out.
    Simply unfold the placemat, remove the adhesive strips from the back and firmly press down to adhere to the surface in front of your child. It's that simple!

  • ✮ STYLISH COLORS AND DESIGNS Our placemats provide a stylish alternative for discerning parents who prefer a more discrete design that is appropriate in a variety of social situations. Softer colors and patterns allow the placemats to blend into the table in even the most upscale restaurants.

  • ✮ BPA FREE, ECO-FRIENDLY, BIODEGRADABLE , CPSIA TESTED We pride ourselves on offering an eco-friendly product that is made from biodegradable materials. We are so excited that our mats are made from materials that break down and don't add to our overextended landfills.

  • ✮ STRICT SAFETY STANDARDS Our placemats ensure a safe and sanitary surface for your child to eat and play while dining out. If you have an active teether on your hands, you may worry about the materials your child is biting on. Rest assured that you can cover the edge of the table with a BPA free plastic liner that is held to the strictest child safety standards. Our placemats are always made from BPA free materials and they are CPSIA tested to be free from phthalates and lead.

  • ✮ EASY CLEANUP AND RESTAURANT FRIENDLY When it's time to go, simply pull up the mat and dispose in any waste receptacle or simply allow the staff to take care of it for you. They will be thankful that any sticky messes, leftover food particles or crumbs from your little one will remain on the placemat to help minimize cleanup. You can now leave your dining experiences assured that your child was safely fed and entertained all while making for a faster cleanup and less eventful exit.

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